About Me

Hi I’m Gizell,

A freelance photographer based in Walthamstow, originally from Leeds who moved to London over 10 years ago. 

Photography is my infatuation and something I take great pleasure in exploring in as many different ways as possible, by using both analogue and digital photography.

Picking up a camera gives me the momentum to capture a vision which I can then share with others.

I love new and challenging projects, and have had the opportunity to capture weddings, celebratory events and be involved in sports and fitness photography.

My style of photography is easy going. I like to be in the thick of humanity, observing the world around me, and trying to document everything I see.


I am offering my services on the following types of photography:

Sports/Fitness photography, Events, Birthdays/Celebrations and Small Weddings.

However if there is anything I have not listed above please feel free to contact me if you have anything else in mind, as I would like to discuss ideas, styles, and dates for your pictures.